Sturgeon, You Gotta Know!

May 15, 2024 daryl bauer

Have to return to a topic I have blogged about before.  From what I have seen and heard over the past few days, there is no doubt that there are a bunch of anglers who need to know some sturgeon identification!

The Missouri River and the lower portion of tributaries to the Missouri in Nebraska can be home to sturgeon.  The shovelnose sturgeon is relatively common in some of those waters.  However, correct sturgeon identification is critical because pallid and lake sturgeon can also be found in those waters.  Pallid sturgeon and lake sturgeon are much less common and in fact are listed as endangered species.  The pallid is state and federally-listed as endangered while the lake sturgeon is listed in Nebraska as a threatened species.

IF PALLID OR LAKE STURGEON ARE CAUGHT THEY MUST BE RETURNED TO THE WATER WITHOUT HARM, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!  They should never be put on a stringer or placed in a livewell.  They should never be allowed to flop around on the bank or in the bottom of the boat.  Pallid and lake sturgeon cannot be harvested.

This video will take you all of two minutes to watch.  Yes, it is a video from the state of Missouri, but it does an excellent job of explaining sturgeon identification.  Watch it.  Know it!

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