Stupid Friday

April 10, 2020 daryl bauer

Considering the circumstances, I have been trying to keep my Friday blog posts lighthearted the past few weeks.  I will continue that trend today with some stupid memes I have saved.  This seems to be as good a time as any to use them.

You know there is very little demand for fish jokes.  I will slip ’em in whenever I can, but that is darned seldom.  Like this one:


Actually, chain pickerel were stocked in some Nebraska waters years ago.  None of them are around anymore.  Grass pickerel, also called redfin pickerel, are a native species and are quite common if you look at the right places in the sandhills.  The Elkhorn River drainage is another good place to find some grass pickerel.  If you looked close at the state fair last fall, some grass pickerel put in an appearance!


All of us are eating at home more than usual.  I married a girl that is a good cook.  Before I got married, I was skinny .  She makes really good fried chicken.

Her sister has taken it to another level by raising chickens.  There is nothing better than real, farm-raised, fried chicken.  When she raises chickens we have a big family work day on “chicken-butchering day”.

With the “wacky weed” that grows wild all over Nebraska, on butchering day some of her chickens look a little “fried”.


See the one laying in the corner in back?  That’s what I’m talking about:


I often hear complaints from folks that never get checked by a “game warden”.  On the other hand, if they were checked all the time, they would complain about that too.  Suppose there is a reason they do not get checked?


Oh, and don’t blame it on the bannanas.


Maybe you just need to fish more?!


Those last two memes I stole from Target Walleye.  You know you have the time right now, check ’em out!

Have a great Easter weekend!  Better days are ahead!


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