Spring Silliness

May 4, 2023 daryl bauer

Have a couple of thoughts to share with you for this weekend.  First of all, look at the calendar.  Yes, I know what today is.

But, did you know that Yoda was a fisherman?  Obviously he was, he lived in a swamp.


Here he can be seen handling a rod!


Of course he was an excellent angler.  No, it was not because of some Jedi mind trick.  He simply fished with confidence!


For you Star Wars “nerds”, I hear a special light sabre rod will soon be on the market!


Tomorrow is an unique day as well:


Been seeing lots of photos of big largemouth bass lately.  Pretty sure a Senko would be one bait that would work right now.  Do not know what the mayonnaise has to do with it?

By the way, obviously I stole that meme.  Check out the Shredfin Fishing FaceBook page if you want to see a bunch of fishing memes.


Recently, taped a radio show with my co-workers Aaron Hershberger and Jeff Rawlinson.  You cannot avoid us talking about turkey hunting this time of year.  Oh yes, we talked some fishing on the show, but somehow we kept swerving back to spring turkeys.

Jeff mentioned something about a bunch of jakes and one big Tom (one less big Tom, now) destroying his decoy.  Wonder if this is what he meant?

I have had toms destroy my Jake decoy and hens do a number on hen decoys.  Some weirdo in a turkey suit was not involved, but I am pretty sure the intentions of the real turkeys were exactly the same!


Have a great weekend.  Remember, you cannot catch anything or knock any Toms in the head sitting at home on the couch!

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