Spot Stealing

February 10, 2023 daryl bauer

I have long known the lengths some will go to discover the spot where someone has been catching fish.  That is especially the case in this day of technology, the interwebs, and cell phones.  It reached a new level (high or low depending on how you look at it) this past week.

I will neither confirm nor deny that I was somewhere in the state of Nebraska on the ice while this incident occurred.  I do know that some were looking.


On one particularly cold day I thought the bald eagle pair and I were the only ones fishing.  Come to find out surveillance balloons were being vectored over Nebraska in an attempt to find out where I was catching fish.  I keep telling folks to just look for the ticks, itch-mites, mosquitoes, owls, wild hogs, coyotes, mountain loins, rattlesnakes and sasquatch if you wanna know where I am.

In addition, I will tell you that I religiously study this document every year:


Very likely, that will tell you where I am fishing.  Recently, here is where I have been catching all my fish:


You never know where I might show up next!

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to GO FISH!

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