May 19, 2017 daryl bauer

I do not do it often, but now and then current events and “pop culture” compel me to make some comments.  Recently, I heard about something called “fidget spinners“.

Wikimedia Commons photo.

I guess fidget spinners are the new fad toy.  In fact I heard a TV news report that school teacher’s desk drawers are beginning to look like the teacher’s desk drawer in A Christmas Story movie–full of fidget spinners.

Purportedly, fidget spinners help burn off nervous energy.

I found something on the Target Walleye FaceBook page that will that do much better:


Think I am “way out there”?  Ever heard of something called “nature deficit disorder“?

You need some therapy, better pick up your old “fidget spinner” this weekend and GO FISH!

One of my favorite “fidget spinners” and what happens when I fool around with it!

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