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January 7, 2019 daryl bauer

Got a couple, three quick news items I want to call attention to; nothing major, but if you fish you should know about these:

2019 Fishing Guide

The 2019 Fishing Guide is available on-line, now.  Click the highlight.  I am expecting delivery of the “hard copies” any day now, and as soon as we get them they will be distributed around the state.

There are a few regulation changes that you should know about, so be sure to take a look on-line or in-hand, either one.  I would strongly suggest you take a few minutes to review the Fishing Guide every year.  Of course if you have questions, just ask!


2019 Fishing Forecast

Likewise I expect the annual Fishing Forecast to be available any day now, probably on-line, but it should not be long until the printed versions arrive as well.  I know a lot of folks are waiting, be patient, I promise it will not be long!


Holmes Ice-Fishing Clinic

Unfortunately, due to the stinkin’ weather we have been having, it looks highly unlikely that we will be holding the ice-fishing clinic at Holmes Lake here in Lincoln this coming weekend.  I am expecting the official news release stating that it has been canceled, but again, have not seen it quite yet.  From what I saw of ice conditions there yesterday, and looking at the stinkin’ forecast for the next few days, I see no way we will be able to safely take a bunch of folks on the ice at Holmes in a few days.  Sorry, believe me, no one hates that worse than me!

Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley photo, NEBRASKAland Magazine.

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