Some Lightness for the Weekend

March 27, 2020 daryl bauer

I have been getting “out” and practicing some social distancing when I can.  But, like many, I have spent a lot of time recently watching stuff on the internet.  Let me share a couple that I liked:

First one is an interesting, but short, battle with a muskie:

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that most of the time I am standing in a pair of waders while I am fishing.  I fish from a boat whenever I get the chance, but most of the time I am not.

Yes, you can catch muskies without a boat.  I have caught plenty.

Obviously, without a boat, you cannot have a muskie jump into the boat.  I have however had a muskie eat on a figure-8 (yes, you can figure-8 in a pair of waders), and then jump onto the shoreline!

No, the fight was not over then, after some thrashing the fish was back in the water where it was played and eventually landed.

You better believe you never forget a fish like that.  That is one of the things I love so much about muskie fishing–after hours, days, of no action, the sudden violence and chaos of hooking a BIG, toothy fish, and putting them in the net is a huge adrenaline rush!

Come to think of it, I need a fix, NOW!


I can tell you something else I need a “fix” of right now. . . .

I am convinced that all of us would be a lot healthier, at least mentally if not physically, if we would just get some sunshine and warmer weather.  It seems like since this whole corona virus thing has started it has been cloudy, dreary, and damp.  We had a couple of hours of sunshine one afternoon this week; back to cloudy and foggy today, rain, snow, and wind on the way.  Again.

So, this video I saw on FaceBook this week brought a big smile to my face:

Prairie Chicken doing his mating dance.

Posted by Karen Krentz Linot on Thursday, March 26, 2020

I do not know if the sun was shining there either, it was early morning.  Yes, you can hear the wind blowing, it was Nebraska, the wind always blows.  Keeps the air from getting stagnant.  Regardless, I love the sound of “booming” prairie grouse!  On a crisp, calm, spring morning, you can hear that sound for who knows how far?  Usually at that time of year I am listening for another bird call that fires me up even more, a gobbling turkey.  Anytime I can hearing booming grouse and gobbling turkeys, well, it is going to be a good day!

Also notice all the other birds you can hear in that video.

Really, spring is here!

Practice your social distancing but get out and at least listen to the birds.  Even better, spend some time fishing.  You will feel a lot better!


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