Some Ice Notes

January 16, 2024 daryl bauer

Not a big topic to post on today, but I have had several little things come to mind. . . .

Happy New Year!

Yes!  Finally!  I celebrated New Years 2024 on January 11!  Yes, that means I have been on the ice!  However, the conditions were brutal, windy, cold, snowing.  I did not fish long and everything was a little more difficult when conditions were like that.  However, you bet I caught fish!  Dried off several small bass, largemouth bass that is, and one really nice redear sunfish.  In fact it was probably as nice of a redear as I have ever pulled through an ice hole.  It taped out at 10 inches, but it was so cold I got no photos.  Actually, I tried to keep the fish in the water and get photos, but by the time I got the camera ready the fish had escaped.  Oh well.

You will have to use your imagination.  This fish was caught from the same water last year, first trip on the ice last year too.  Yes, I know this one was a redear X bluegill hybrid and a little smaller than 10 inches, but at least I got a photo.  You get the idea.


Now, I will tell you that I drilled 5-6 inches of ice and that was late last week.  I will not tell you where I was because I would tell you that YOU still have to decide if the ice is safe no matter where you go.  Just because someone else says such and such about the ice, YOU have to make sure it is safe.  You have to make that call every time you walk onto it.  Do not take someone else’s word.

Having said that. . . .

Ice Conditions

After the cold of the past few days, I know many are going to assume that we have plenty of ice now.


Yes, we have had plenty of cold in recent days.  That helps make ice, no duh.

However, we have also had lots of snow, at least in some parts of the state.  Also have had LOTS of wind.  Snow and wind do not help make ice.  In fact they make ice conditions worse.

So, continuing the theme, do NOT assume the ice is safe.  I am betting you are going to find a lot of variability in ice conditions right now.  You likely will find the ice a lot thinner than you expected and with the wind you might even find some open water yet.

Make sure it is safe, take a few minutes to review how to be safe on the ice and make sure you have the tools to make sure you are safe.

Lastly. . . .

Lincoln’s Discover Ice-Fishing clinic cancelled

The Discover Ice-Fishing clinic scheduled for Jan. 20 at Lincoln’s Holmes Lake has been cancelled because of extreme cold. The high in Lincoln that day will be 7 degrees, according to the forecast.

This event may be rescheduled in February. Check the calendar at for details.

Of the four Discover Ice-Fishing events planned this month by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and Nebraska Fish and Game Association, three have been cancelled due to extreme conditions.

The final scheduled ice-fishing clinic is Jan. 27 from 1-4 p.m. at Omaha’s Flanagan Lake, 168th and Fort streets. This on-ice clinic is where anglers can learn the basics of ice-fishing or pick up a few new tips from experienced anglers.

Limited loaner equipment will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Bait and instruction will be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their own equipment.

All fishing regulations and permit requirements apply.

That makes us 0-2 on holding ice fishing clinics this winter.  Last week our entire clinic in the classroom and on ice was canceled at Norfolk and this week the on-ice clinic at Lincoln has been cancelled.

Now, I do not like this one bit, but it is the right call.  Before some smart aleck says something sarcastic about it being “too cold to go ice fishing?”, let me say that yes, it will be.  Believe me, I fished in cold and brutal conditions already a few days ago, I am prepared and can do it.  On the other hand, these clinics are meant to introduce new folks to ice fishing and we do not want that new experience to be a bad one.  We will hope for better conditions on Flanagan in another week!


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