Rosenthal selected as Commission’s fisheries division administrator

February 27, 2017 Jerry Kane

LINCOLN, Neb. – Dean Rosenthal has been selected as the fisheries division administrator for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

Rosenthal, a nearly 40-year veteran of the Commission, has been acting fisheries administrator since 2016. The fisheries division administrator oversees the Commission’s aquatic resources and conservation programs.

“Dean’s extensive experience is an incredible asset,” Commission Director Jim Douglas said. “The good working relationships he has developed with other state fish and wildlife agencies over the years has opened doors to new ideas and opportunities.”

Rosenthal began his career at the Commission as a conservation technician at the North Platte State Fish Hatchery. He later worked as a fish and wildlife biologist at the Ak-Sar-Ben Aquarium, and then as the statewide hatchery biologist at the Calamus Hatchery. He has been an assistant division administrator in charge of fish production stationed in Lincoln since 1998.

“I am excited about the challenges and opportunities of working to maintain and improve our aquatic resources and angling opportunities,” Rosenthal said. “We have a great team of fisheries professionals working for our agency, and I look forward to making Nebraska the best fishing destination it can be. My priorities include using innovative practices for conserving our aquatic systems and creating opportunities for anglers.”

Rosenthal grew up in the Pawnee City and Fairbury areas, with fishing and hunting occupying his free time. He earned a bachelor’s degree in wildlife management from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Outdoor activities are important to him and his family.

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