December 20, 2019 daryl bauer

No, not that Ralphie, not the one in the pink bunny suit.  Yes, I know ’tis the season.

This “Ralphie”


That is my co-worker here at the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission, Ralph Wall.  Ralph has been our radio and TV guy for many years, about 24 of them.  He is retiring at the end of the year.  Ralph has worked for our agency since we had our own TV show on Nebraska public TV.  Many of you will know that he worked for Kearney TV prior to that.  He frequented a number of radio stations around the state way back when.

Ralph has been a professional broadcaster through his entire career and has done great work for us here at Game & Parks.  Oh sure, he can be a pain in the butt to work with, especially when he wants you to hold a wet, cold fish in a particular way for another “take”.  But, that was exactly the point, Ralph was a professional at what he did, knew exactly what he wanted, and was doing his job.  We are going to miss Ralph’s work.

I have recorded weekly “spots” for Outdoor Nebraska radio with Ralph for a long time.  Have set in front of a TV camera for him many times too.  We always got the work done, but spent a bunch of time just talking before and after.  We share warped senses of humor, and a love of all things Looney Tunes.  Ralph even kept a life size Foghorn Leghorn in his office for some time:


If you want to listen to those radio podcasts, a couple of the last ones we recorded (you might want to know they include sneak peaks of 2020’s Fishing Forecast), you can here:  Outdoor Nebraska Radio.

Nope, Ralph was not an avid hunter or angler, but he knew enough about both to thoroughly cover those topics on his radio and TV shows.  I am betting a lot of folks do not know that he is an expert on native butterflies, moths and their caterpillars!


He also strums a guitar, smokes cigars, and plays chess.  I bet he is going to be doing more of those things in the coming weeks.

Yep, Ralph has been one of the many characters working here at the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission.  We do a wide diversity of jobs, but do them well, even radio and TV.  I will miss our times in the studio, Ralph.  Enjoy your retirement, buddy!

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