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It truly is amazing the amount of information now at our fingertips.  Never has so much information been available to so many.  And yet, I spend a large portion of every day answering questions, questions for which answers are readily available.  That is fine, every one learns differently, and sometimes the answers are not that easy to find.  If I can help someone, well, that is what I am here for!

Nevertheless, recently there was a news release about some of the resources available to Nebraska anglers.  Check it out!

Anglers may find Game and Parks’ website a beneficial fishing resource

When not on a shoreline or the water pursuing fish this spring, anglers can use the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s website as a resource to prepare for the next outing.

Many anglers already buy their Nebraska fishing permits online. But by spending some time on the website, anglers of all experience levels may discover something new about fishing in the state.

Among the fishing-related topics to browse are:

-Interactive maps – Click on Maps at the top of to find lake depths in the lake contour map (as well as maps you can download and print), discover where boat ramps are located along the Missouri River, locate public fishing areas, and browse public access sites in the Open Fields and Waters Program.  (Click HERE to see a list of waterbodies for which we have contour maps.)

-Fish identification – If you want to learn more about Nebraska’s fish species, download the Fish Key: A Guide to the Most Commonly Caught Fish in Nebraska.

-Fishing events – Find a list of Community Fishing Nights, fishing tournaments and any upcoming public informational meetings (HERE).

-Fish stocking – Each year, millions of fish are stocked in Nebraska to enhance fishing opportunities. Explore the stocking database to see the many species stocked in hundreds of waters.

-Beginner fishing – Read Going Fishing, a basic guide that covers everything you need to know to get started fishing. Topics include equipment, tackle, casting, knot tying, tips for targeting species you can catch from shore and much more.

Aside from the Fishing Guide, which include regulations, and the Fishing Forecast, which highlights the best places to catch the biggest and most fish of several species, Game and Parks offers even more resources through its website. Discover videos, fish sampling reports, and area-specific publications on fishing in the Omaha metro area, the Sandhills, along the Interstate 80 corridor, and Nebraska’s trout streams.

Mobile fishing permits may be purchased from and displayed on a smartphone or tablet. Like a paper permit, the angler must display the mobile permit upon request by a conservation officer. Save the image of the permit on the device by taking a screenshot.

For more information on fishing in Nebraska, explore

If you have questions,  Do not hesitate to ask!

“Knowledge is power”–It is fish too!


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