Peregrine news: Lewis back in Texas

December 5, 2016 Joel Jorgensen

If your memory is very good, you’ll remember that two years ago we received word that the Peregrine Falcon “Lewis” was observed at the Anadarko Petroleum Corporation building in The Woodlands, Texas.  Lewis was also observed at this same location in December 2015.   Lewis hatched, was raised and banded at the Capitol in 2012.  I received an email late today from Linda Kuhn with Anadarko that Lewis was back at this apparent wintering site.  Below is the photo that accompanied her email.


Where Lewis spends the summer and whether he is paired up with a mate remains unknown.   Even so, it is fun to see that he appears to be doing fine.

Good birding!

Nongame Bird Program

Thanks to Linda Kuhn of Anadarko Petroleum Coroporation for keeping us updated about Lewis.  

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