March 3, 2021 daryl bauer

My son and I do not get to fish together all the time.  Still it is nice knowing that even though we are separated by miles, we are on the water.  Maybe apart for now, but still on the water.  In fact it is interesting how often we are doing the same things even though we are fishing individually.

For example, each winter we target big bluegills, 10-inches and larger, just like we get after muskies in open water.  At least one 10-inch+ bluegill is the goal every winter.  Once again this winter, mission accomplished.  Daniel sent me this photo:


A few days later, half the state away, I scored a similarly-sized hybrid:


I laugh at the number of hard-core bass anglers who wait all winter for open water so they can fish again.  In recent years I have become more and more convinced that largemouth bass are actually very catchable through the ice.  That includes big fish.  You might be surprised at what you could learn about bass, and bass fishing, year-round, by embracing the ice!


Of course, Daniel had to out-do me:


He out-did me with the perch too:


That is OK, I will catch up soon!

Oh, and we make sure to release all the big ones so the other has a chance to catch them too!

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