Now You Can Speak Muskie Too!

July 21, 2023 daryl bauer

I laugh sometimes at all the jargon that applies to fishing.  Listen to yourself sometime!

Lure names alone are stimulating.  You have your Hula Poppers and Rat-L-Snakies, Lazy Ikes, Royal Coachmen, and Whopper Ploppers.  Jerkbaits refer to how an artificial lure is properly fished, and not necessarily the guy on the end of the rod.

What in the world is “bottom bouncing”?????  And, “walking the dog” ain’t what you think it is and has nothing to do with canines.

Shockingly, what is a guy doing throwing a Grandma?  Is it his Grandma or someone else’s?  Will she survive the incident?  (Well. . . if the targeted muskie bites, she won’t!)

Or, how about a Baby Beaver?

Speaking of muskie fishing in particular. . . . The anglers that do that are particularly “out there”.  Maybe this will help you understand them a little bit:

It is the weekend!  Hope you get a chance to work on your figuer-8 or maybe your double-haul,  and dry some off!


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