Now That is some Topwater Action!

March 22, 2024 daryl bauer

Disclaimer:  My “lighten up” blog post for Friday this week has nothing to do with fishing in Nebraska.  If you are going to get bent outta shape over that, stop reading here.  Just move along. . . .

However, I know many of you, like me, are just plain fascinated by fish.  As a hardcore angler, the whole predator/prey interaction intrigues me.  In addition to that, is there anything better than watching ’em bust on top?  Well, this video takes it to a whole ‘nother level!

I sat and watched with my mouth open.  To see that in person would be astounding.

Then, I would have to pick up a rod and make a few casts.  This is what would happen:

Do not know what language those guys were speaking.  Did not need the closed captioning, I knew exactly what they were saying.  Fishing is THE universal language.

Could feel the pain in the knee too!

I have been in on a few top-water wiper feeding frenzies that were amazing.  While bobbing in my float tube I have had panicked shad jump in my tube.  Have felt the rush of big, bad predators dashing by on my legs.  Have casted Chug Bugs or Pop-R’s into boiling water knowing they were going to get blown up immediately.  Subsequently, have hooked runaway freight trains only to have the hooks come loose and the next express grab the lure before it could float back to the surface.


Those experiences were intense, cannot get enough of them.

Wonder if we can stock bluefin tuna in Nebraska waters?

Have a great weekend!  GO HUSKERS!  I have a sudden disdain for the color maroon.

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