No Net Man Needed, Or Was He?

April 21, 2023 daryl bauer

I have blogged often about the need for a good net man.  Every angler should have a good net man, a good photo taker.

Or do they?

Believe me, the last thing you want is a hot muskie in the boat with you.  That is not safe for the anglers or the fish, can be hard on tackle too.

Actually, after watching the video, it still proves that a guy needs a good net man!  Getting that fish off the floor, into the net, and back in the water was absolutely the best thing that could have been done!  Well done!

That got me to thinking. . . . No, I have never had a fish jump in the boat with me.  However, I have had a muskie jump on shore with me!  That happened when I had a muskie follow, and as I started into a figure 8, the fish ate the bait.  (Yes, you can and SHOULD figure 8 while on the shore or wading for muskies.)  As the fish struck it came flying out of the water and onto the shore right beside me!  Of course it ended up jumping from the water to the shore and just as fast right back in the water, but for a few seconds things got western!

Yeah, I have a stupid look on my face. Couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Spring is moving on, even if it is by fits and starts.  Hope you get on the water this weekend, and I hope you need a net man!

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