New Lake Map

May 11, 2020 daryl bauer

Again I know some of you have seen this already, but I am going to spread it around, again.  If there is one thing I have learned in the past couple of months, it is that you cannot repeat “stuff” enough!

We have a new lake map available, this one for Conestoga Reservoir.


Look here for a bigger version:  Conestoga Map.

You will recall that we did a complete Aquatic Habitat Rehabilitation project at Conestoga.  That project took time, a few years, to complete, but it is done now, Conestoga Rehabilitated.  Our engineer partners surveyed the area and the map you see is a product of that work.  Thank you Flatwater Group!

If you can, you really should take a drive out to Conestoga to see it!  Water level is near full pool; angler access improvements are all complete.  Largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, rock bass, black crappie, walleye and channel catfish have been stocked.  There will be some fish big enough to catch, but I would not expect any of them to be very big, yet.

If you cannot take a look, here are a few photos:

Brett Roberg photo
Brett Roberg photo
Brett Roberg photo

Thanks for the photos and the hard work, Brett!

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