Nebraska Ice-Fishing on Jason Mitchell Outdoors, Part Two

December 26, 2017 daryl bauer

A couple of months ago I called attention to a Jason Mitchell Outdoors ice-fishing episode that was filmed in Nebraska, Ice Fishing Nebraska on Jason Mitchell Outdoors!

I was privileged to be present for much of the taping last winter, so I knew there was more to come.  Here it is!

As mentioned in the video, we had the full spectrum of weather conditions while filming, “There is No Place Like Nebraska”!  Part of the time the wind blew so hard that it made fishing, and filming almost impossible.  If you want to read the old blog post about the filming, TV Ice Fishing.

There were several of us scouting for fish while we were on Merritt.  Again, as mentioned in the video, it very much was a matter of picking off a few fish here and then on to the next spot.  Scout, catch a fish or two, get the video guys and on-camera sticks over there, on to the next spot.  We tried sitting on spots for awhile thinking more active fish would show up, but that did not pay off nearly as much as running and gunning.  I have often said that my motto while ice fishing is much the same as Sarah Palin’s, “Drill baby, drill”.  Believe me, we did; we covered acres and acres of water.

Eventually, on the “scouting team” that I was a member of, we decided it would be more fun to sit on a spot and dry off some walleyes, channel cats, and even a couple of nice yellow perch in addition to a nice crappie now and then.  The video guys had enough crappie footage by then, so that is what we did!  But, other than the one shot of a channel cat that made the final production, they wanted crappies!  Oh well, we did not care, we were in “God’s Country” and we were catching fish!

Don Cox photo. Thanks, Don!

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