Mr. Personality

January 28, 2022 daryl bauer

I hope I do not offend anyone with this blog post.  I found an interesting article that made some observations about the personalities of some of our favorite fish.  Now, I have told you before I have not yet learned to talk to the fish.  If I suddenly, unexpectedly retire, you will know I figured it out.  Since that is not yet possible, we can only assume that these would be the personalities of the fish we pursue.

From what I have observed watching fish in aquaria and on the water, I agree with these personality traits.  See what you think:

Do Fish have Personalities?

There are always exceptions.  You know the male bluegill who thinks he is a muskie or the slobbering largemouth that eats a hot dog (sorry bass sticks, but you know it is true).  However, by and large, if you keep these personality traits in mind, they might even help you catch a few more fish.


I would take this a step further and start talking about angler stereotypes.  Unfortunately, surely, someone would be offended if I started doing that.  I won’t even say which species-specific angler would be the most likely to be offended for risk of offending them.  But, you know who you are.

As a matter of fact, years back, a very popular fishing magazine ran a series of cartoons illustrating a variety of species-specific angler stereotypes.  You know why that was funny?  (Yes, cartoons are funny).  Because the stereotypes were true!  I would love to re-print some of those cartoons here, but I do not have the artist’s permission, and like I said, someone wouldn’t think it was funny.

Try it the next time you are in the big box outdoor store.  Go to the fishing section and look around.  Note how people are dressed.  What are they wearing, their hairstyle, shoes (or lack thereof), location of their pinky finger, even how they smell?  You can tell a catfish angler from a trout angler a mile away.

Or check out the boats at a busy boat ramp on a multi-species waterbody.  How organized are the boats?  Are there rod holders?  What kind?  Where are they positioned?  How many motors?  How big?  Drain plug in or out?  Rag in the drain hole?  Is the carpeting the color of motor oil and worm bedding?  Electronics?  How many and what kind?  Settings?  Rods and reels?  Are baits visible?  What kind?


I could go on and on, you know it is true.

Look in the mirror.

Laugh at yourself and have a good weekend!

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