September 3, 2021 daryl bauer

Human dimensions studies are a part of fisheries science.  Man, or the human component is an important part of any fishery.  To manage a fishery, you have to understand something about the human component as well as the fish, other aquatic creatures, and the habitat.

A big part of human dimensions studies are understanding motivations.  Why do you fish?

The answers to that question are as varied as humans themselves.  I say that anglers come in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes, desires and motivations.  It is hard to summarize and generalize.

Why do you fish?

Think about it.  Your answer will tell you a lot about yourself, as a person, and as an angler.

I have to admit, I grow weary of the claims that fishing is for food, or that the price of fishing permits is too expensive.  Are you kidding me?  Remember, your answer tells you a lot about yourself.  Who are you?  What kind of angler are you?  How good an angler are you?

Want to ponder this question even further?

I searched for “Why I Fish?” on YouTube, and as you can imagine came up with a bunch of “hits”.  Try it, watch a bunch, think about it.  You might skip past this one because, well, the guy has a funny accent and many of the fish appear to be “carp”.  But, if you watch, there are some good answers here, and some things to make you think:

If you think about it, your answer will give you some clues as to how you can become an even better angler.  To start with, you gotta get beyond “filling the freezer”, “stinking the skillet”.

I have quoted this before, although maybe not for a while:


I will always be a fisherman. . .

It’s not something I do, it is who I am. . .

Fishing is not an escape. . . It is where I belong, where I am supposed to be.

It is not a place, but a lifelong journey. . .

It is a passage my father showed me, and that I will show others.

When you understand all of this, you will know me, and we will fish together.

You have heard it in word and verse; might as well in a song too:

Have a great weekend.



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