Mid-, late-summer is the best time to catch white bass and wipers

August 1, 2019 Jerry Kane

LINCOLN, Neb. – Mid-to-late-summer provides some of the best opportunities to catch white bass and wipers in Nebraska.

During that time, white bass and wipers chase baitfish towards the surface, usually early and late in the day. Anglers can look for boils on the surface, baitfish jumping out of the water, and frenzied gull activity above the surface.

Anglers will want to ease carefully into casting range without running over the fish and scaring them away. A variety of artificial baits that are the same size and silvery or white colors of the baitfish will work, as will spoons, spinners, jigs, and crankbaits. For even more excitement, throw a top-water bait. When the surface activity slows, try fishing deeper in the same area to pick up a few stragglers.

The best waters in Nebraska for summer white bass and wipers tend to be large reservoirs where those open-water predators thrive. Harlan, Calamus and McConaughy are perennial favorites, but be sure to check the annual Fishing Forecast (outdoornebraska.gov/fishingforecast) for other picks.

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