Life Jacket Challenge

June 5, 2016 daryl bauer

We are past the Memorial Day weekend and officially into “summer” now.  Often, by this time, I have posted a reminder about boating safety and especially wearing your life jackets.  I may be a little late with that reminder this year, but we certainly are in the middle of fishing and boating season now–still a good time to do it.

I am betting most of you have life jackets in your boat like you are legally required.  But, I am betting most of you are NOT wearing them most of the time.  Yep, they may be “readily accessible”, but is that really going to do you any good?

Yes, that video is from Canada, and at one point they talk about cold water, water less than 15 degrees?  That would be 15 degrees Celsius or just under 60 degrees F.  Over Memorial Day weekend a week ago, I fished water that was still less than 60 degrees F–cold enough that you might not be able to swim as well as you think you can.

Regardless, the point is to get a life jacket that is comfortable, one you like, one you look good in, whatever.  At the least, the inflatable life jackets are very minimal and very comfortable.  Just Wear It!



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