Langmuir Spirals

October 18, 2023 daryl bauer

If you have been in Nebraska for any length of time, you know the wind blows.  We have been reminded of that again in the past few days.

If you are an angler in this state, you better learn to adapt and adjust to the wind (and other weather phenomenon for that matter).  I have blogged about that before, Sometimes the Wind Blows.  Want to return to the subject and mention one subtle tip. . . .

Actually, I stumbled upon an article by another pointy-headed fisheries biologist that addresses the same subject.  I would highly recommend that you read it!

How to Fish the Foam

At the least, now you know the correct term for these white streaks:


You also will have learned a big word, a limnological term, with which to impress your friends and relatives.

And if you are paying attention, you might even catch more big fish.


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