Join Deer Exchange to donate or receive venison

November 4, 2016 Jerry Kane

LINCOLN – Nebraskans wanting to donate or receive harvested deer can participate in the Deer Exchange.

This program is designed to accommodate the additional harvest of deer. It brings together hunters who have a surplus of deer with recipients willing to accept the deer meat.

The Deer Exchange, which is available annually from Sept. 1 through March 1, allows hunters and potential venison recipients to join a database and search for other participating parties in their area. Parties will work out the details of the transfer. While the venison cannot be sold, recipients may pay for the processing or butchering of the meat. Donors and recipients can register online for free.

Recipients will have the choice of accepting whole field dressed deer, skinned and boned deer, wrapped and frozen deer or processed meat. Donors are responsible for properly field dressing and checking deer at a check station before transfer.

When transferring game animals, the hunter must provide the following information on a transfer tag: name, phone number, permit number or seal number, estimated weight of meat (in pounds), species of animal, date taken, signature of donor and name of recipient. A transfer tag is available in the 2016 Big Game Guide.

To join the Deer Exchange or view participants, visit


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