It Is All in Your Head

March 15, 2024 daryl bauer

If you have been paying any attention at all to modern sportfishing, you know that forward-facing sonar is THE latest, greatest technology.  There are all kinds of debates ongoing about what this powerful technology means for the sport and for our fisheries.  I am still trying to decide exactly what I think about it.

I will tell you that I have always believed that the most important tool any angler can have is the one between their ears.  The mental approach to catching fish fascinates me.  I believe mastering the thinking necessary to find and catch fish is way more important than any boat, rod, reel, depth-finder or the newest, fad lure that you can purchase.  A good angler is a good angler regardless of the amount or types of gear they can possess.

It all starts with this:


It is the opposite of this:


There are a whole lot of other things that could be added to the list of excuses.  Believe me, I hear ’em.  All the time.

All I know for sure is you cannot catch anything sitting at home on the couch!  Which is what you need to avoid every chance you get.


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