Ice Surfing

February 16, 2018 daryl bauer

If you do not ice-fish, I pity you.  Really I do.

Another cold front blew through last night, temperatures are back in the teens today and folks are grumbling about it.  Many times this week I have listened to people longing for spring, warmer weather, anxious to get a boat back in the water.  Looking at the calendar, it is mid-February.  I hate to tell you, but we live in Nebraska and there may be a lot of winter ahead of us yet.  I am not foolish enough to try to predict the weather, but I can tell you that we will have about sixty-three wild swings from fair weather back to cold, wind and even snow, for at least another month, and maybe for another two or three months.

So why not make the best of it?

That is exactly what ice-anglers do.  We embrace the cold, adapt and adjust, we enjoy the moment and even wish for those cold moments to continue.  We are positive, optimistic and just plain having fun, making fun!  Here is my latest example:

In case you've been wondering about the wind on L.O.W. the last couple days.. Alex Reinert Zippel Bay Resort Check out Preston Outdoors for more awesome videos!For licensing / permission to use: Contact –

Posted by Drew Dorholt on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I am checking into the paperwork to petition the International Olympic Committee to include Corn Scoop Ice Surfing into the next winter Olympics.  I figure if it gets the international recognition it deserves, it will be another sport at which Nebraskans dominate!  Corn scoops and wind?  Been there, done that!

I have seen big guys in popup shelters blow across the ice, but I am thinking that will be another discipline, maybe called “clam sailing”.  I am leaving the petitioning on that one up to someone else.

The official rules will state that form-fitting red, white, and blue, aerodynamic, body suits will be banned from Corn Scoop Ice Surfing.  Coveralls will be allowed, preferably brown.  Oh, and bonus points for wearing fur hats!

I have yet to try corn scoop ice surfing, but I have slid down a snowy hill on a corn scoop.  That was just like the luge except for the big wooden handle between my legs.  Oh, by the way, be careful on the dismount!

See you on the ice, right now is some of the best fishing of the year.  No, I did not say best “ice fishing”, I said best fishing.  Period.  Best fishing of the entire year.  Ain’t gonna hear me whining about cold weather and delayed spring.  I am having the time of my life!

Keep your backs to the wind!

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