Ice Bass

December 27, 2022 daryl bauer

A couple of winters ago I posted a blog about catching largemouth bass through the ice, Largemouth Bass on Ice.  There is no doubt that largemouth bass are warm-water fish.  However, northern strain largemouth bass are very capable of being quite successful in northern places like Nebraska.  As a matter of fact, those warm-water largemouth bass can remain quite active during the winter, under the ice.


My approach to catching largemouth bass through the ice used to be one of “take ’em whenever they come along.”  Much of the time I would target panfish.  While doing that, I knew that every now and then a bass would slurp my panfish presentation.  Then, hopefully, and maybe with a little luck, I would be able to put that bigger fish on the ice with my panfish gear.

The past few years I have decided that I can catch a lot more bass by targeting them.  In fact some days I now target bass and incidentally take any large panfish that happen to come along.  In the process I have come to the conclusion that my bass catch rates can be just as high and even higher through a hole in the ice!  And, the catch rate of quality-size bass through an ice hole rivals that of any open-water fishing I do too!

Besides that, it is just plain a lot of fun!

I bring this topic up again because recently I found a good, thorough article on the subject.  You can go back and read my previous blog post, but don’t just take my word:

In-Fisherman, Winter Bass Fishing on Good Panfish Lakes

If you are looking for a little more excitement while sitting on a bucket catching panfish this winter, kick it up a notch.  Intentionally target some of those green bass.  It will add a whole ‘nother dimension to your ice-fishing!


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