March 28, 2018 daryl bauer

Have you ever held a new fishing bait in your hands and wondered what it might catch?

How big are your dreams?

I did the other day, a brand new bait.  The hooks needed sharpened.  By the way, lots of new baits need the hooks sharpened, some of them just plain need better quality hooks, right out of the box.

After sharpening all nine hooks on three trebles, I wiped the blood from where I had impaled my fingers, and just admired the bait.  I wondered. . . .


Maybe I was inclined to do that because it was a muskie bait and I do not have as many of them?  I have a bazillion jigs.  Maybe it was because muskie baits require more investment?

They also pay off with bigger rewards.

One can only hope this is THE bait, the one that will catch the fish of a lifetime, and then the next one even bigger than that.

In this case, I can tell you the bait was a winner.  First time out:


And, a little bit later:


We stand on the shore of a new open-water season.  I have already pulled a few fish from those waters.

Wonder what else is swimming out there?

Never can wait to find out!


Although all fishermen are liars, for the sake of honesty, I must disclose that I already snagged that lure on a brush pile and lost it.

Oh well, I wonder what the next one will catch?



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