July 2, 2018 daryl bauer

Our video guy Ralph Wall recently did a piece with a Nebraska connection on Project Healing Waters.  I believe this would be a great time to post Ralph’s video and call attention to this worthy program!

I know our Nebraska Chapter of Trout Unlimited has partnered with Project Healing Waters.  I also know that this is not the only kind of effort like this.  There are some Nebraska anglers who have also been part of the Heroes on the Water Program both in the Eastern Nebraska Chapter and in the Heartland Chapter.

If you can get involved in these programs, either as a volunteer or a participant, DO IT!  The rewards are much, much more than just catching fish!  For many of us this would be a great way to give something back to those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.  In addition, I will tell you we all need to do what we can to recruit new anglers, and selfishly, you can take your fishing to the next level by teaching someone else.

As we celebrate Independence Day this week, a huge “thank you” to all of our current, active military personnel and to all of our veterans.  We get to celebrate this week because of what you have done for all of us.  Thank you!

Not my photo, obviously something I discovered on the interwebs someplace I do not recall.

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