Happy Stinkin’ New Year

January 5, 2024 daryl bauer

A week ago I posted a somewhat traditional New Year’s blog (Happy New Year, 2024).  You know, I included the customary, happy new year, make some resolutions, blah, blah, blah.

Actually, many of you know, my new year starts each year the first time I walk on the ice, drill some holes and pull some fish through those holes!  Admittedly, that can be a bit of a moving target.  “New Year” came at around the Thanksgiving holiday last year.  Most years, my “new year” will come sometime during December.  This year, it still has not come and I ain’t one bit happy about it!  The longer we go without fishable ice, the grumpier I will get.


I will remain cautiously optimistic, maybe some colder weather in the forecast?

Until then:



Some have suggested that I head to an ice rink:


Or perhaps do a little tip-up fishing:


Maybe I would enjoy going south to warmer weather and liquid water:


Nope, does not appeal to me at all.  I imagine all that sand really dulls an auger blade.

Would MUCH RATHER have ice:

Some of you are like me.  Maybe we should form a support group?

ME:  “Hi, my name is Daryl and I am an iceaholic.”

GROUP:  “Hi, Daryl.”

Hang in there, hopefully soon we will be staring down an ice hole!


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