Good Night

December 8, 2023 daryl bauer

Last blog post I gave a little run down of my fishing adventures this fall.  Oh, by the way, we still have open water and I ain’t done yet.

I mentioned in that post that fall is my favorite open water fishing of the year.  There are a lot of reasons for that, but good opportunities to catch big fish rank near the top of the list.

Also believe that the autumn provides some of the most gorgeous sunsets of the year.  Many fall evenings I am on the water to experience those sunsets.

Admittedly, Nebraska’s skies can produce spectacular sunsets, and sunrises, any time of year.  It just seems to me that the weather conditions are especially favorable for purdy sunsets in the fall.

I am sure I have hundreds of sunset photos.  Use them from time to time for various things, but today, Friday, to lighten up for the weekend, I just want to share a few of this fall’s exposures.

I hesitate to show sunset pictures because this meme is too true:

pretty sunset

Some nights that is the case, but many nights it is not.

Anyway, here are some of my favorites from this fall:




This one was particularly stunning:


I had taken a few shots of the sunset already that evening.  Got some coots swimming in front of the sunset too.  Then, I sat the camera down (yes, I am old, still using a digital camera and not my cell phone for photos) and went back to casting.  A few minutes later I turned around towards the west and had my breath taken away.  The colors of the sunset had exploded.

Sometimes it all comes together and fish pictures in that orange glow are really nice too:


Have a great weekend.  Do not know if the weather will give any great sunsets this weekend, but hope you are in the field or on the water looking for one!

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