Game and Parks to burn slash piles at WMAs

December 26, 2017 justin haag

Slash pile burning
A slash pile goes up in flames at Gilbert-Baker Wildlife Management Area. (NEBRASKAland/Justin Haag)

CRAWFORD, Neb. – Nebraska Game and Parks Commission employees in northwestern Nebraska will begin burning slash piles from forest management projects at public properties near Crawford, Whitney, Chadron and Hay Springs in coming weeks. The piles are located at five Wildlife Management Areas — Metcalf, Chadron Creek Ranch, Ponderosa, Whitney Inlet and Peterson.

Slash burning helps maintain healthy forests and prevent wildfires by safely removing potential fuel sources such as downed trees, thick vegetation, pine needles and leaves. This week’s snow cover, low winds and cold temperatures are expected to provide favorable conditions to begin burning the piles.

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