Game and Parks to burn brush piles throughout winter

December 18, 2020 Jerry Kane

LINCOLN, Neb. – The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will burn brush piles throughout the winter as conditions allow.

Many tree and shrub piles occur in areas where trimming has occurred, areas with storm damage or where trees have been cut to improve wildlife habitat. Removing piles when snow is on the ground is safer, and their removal allows for safer prescribed burns later in the year. It also facilitates the area to be seeded to desirable grasses and forbs.

Removing undesirable trees allows naturally-occurring woodlands to expand and promotes understory growth, which is beneficial to many wildlife species.

The areas scheduled for brush-pile burning are:

Wildlife management areas: Buffalo County – Bassway Strip, Blue Hole, Coot Shallows; Cherry County – Anderson Bridge, Merritt Reservoir, Schlagel Creek; Custer County – Arcadia Diversion Dam, Pressey; Dawes County – Bordeaux, Chadron Creek Ranch, Ponderosa; Dawson County – Cozad, Darr Strip, Dogwood, East Gothenburg; Hall County – Cornhusker, Wood River West; Howard County – Leonard A. Kozial; Johnson County – Hickory Ridge, Osage SW, Twin Oaks; Lancaster County – Bluestem, Branched Oak, Hedgefield, Twin Lakes; Lincoln County – Cedar Valley, Fremont Slough, North River, Platte, Wapiti; Pawnee County – Burchard Lake, Lores Branch, Pawnee Prairie, Table Rock, Taylor’s Branch; Phelps County – Sacramento-Wilcox; Richardson County – South Fork; Seward County – Oak Glen; Sheridan County – Metcalf, Smith Lake; Sioux County – Gilbert-Baker, Peterson

State recreation area and wildlife management area: Sherman County – Sherman Reservoir

State recreation areas: Buffalo County – Windmill; Cass County – Louisville, Schramm Park; Hall County – Mormon Island; Keith County – Lake McConaughy; Lancaster County – Conestoga, Pawnee, Stagecoach, Wagon Train

State park: Cass County – Eugene T. Mahoney

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