Free-earned Landowner Elk Permit Program now available

January 19, 2022 shawna richter-ryerson

LINCOLN, Neb. – Landowners and leaseholders can get a free elk permit based on accumulated antlerless elk harvests on their Nebraska property.

The Free-earned Landowner Elk Permit Program was approved by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission in October 2021 and became effective in mid-December.

In the program, a person who owns or leases at least 80 acres of agricultural land qualifies for an either-sex elk permit following the verification of 10 general permit holder or special depredation season antlerless elk harvests on that property. When the tenth harvest is recorded, a free permit will be issued, at no charge, to either the qualifying landowner or one of their immediate family members.

Immediate family includes spouse, child, stepchild, spouse of child or stepchild, sibling sharing ownership or spouse of sibling.

Other highlights of the program:

  • Landowners do not need to be Nebraska residents.
  • The qualifying landowner or leaseholder must complete the general antlerless elk harvest form by the close of business Feb. 18, 2022, and drop off at a Game and Parks office in Alliance, North Platte or Bassett. Only harvests that occur during the most recent early- and late-antlerless seasons will be allowed on the form. Special depredation season antlerless harvests can be recorded within one month of the close of that season.
  • Elk harvested under landowner permits do not count toward the 10 qualifying harvests.
  • It is unlawful to falsely report antlerless elk harvests.
  • The free-earned permit must be designated to a hunter on a form provided by Game and Parks, by March 25. Completed forms must be submitted to a local district Game and Parks office. Find a location at
  • The free-earned permit is valid only on the property of the qualifying landowner or leaseholder.
  • The free-earned permit will be designated for the next elk season following the 10th qualifying antlerless harvest.
  • The free-earned permit does not affect eligibility for general or landowner permits.

Find the Free-Earned Landowner Elk Harvest Reporting Form or the Free-Earned Permit Application at or at a district office. Find season date information at

The free-earned landowner elk permit was created during the 2021 Legislative Session. The goal is to increase hunting access and antlerless elk harvest, and increase elk hunting opportunity for landowners who regularly have elk on their property.

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