Fishing State Park

October 12, 2021 daryl bauer

Going to blog about a blog today.  The current issue of Nebraskaland magazine has an article by Justin Haag, Nebraska’s Fishing State Park?  Simply put, follow the link!

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Pat Bell and Valerie Miller, both of Crawford, fish at the north Ice House Pond at Fort Robinson State Park. Justin Haag, Nebraskaland.

Justin’s article is an excellent run down of the fishing opportunities on and near Ft. Robinson.  There are a bunch, and if you are spending any time at Ft. Rob, your fishing gear better be with you!  With recent Aquatic Habitat projects completed and ongoing, the fishing at Ft. Rob is better than ever!

Ft. Robinson has been a favorite destination for our family over the years.  We have spent a lot of time there, have a lot of great memories.  Have dried off a few in the process:






Including some recently:





Nebraska’s Fishing State Park?  Yes, definitely yes!

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