Fish Keys

May 11, 2021 daryl bauer

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the importance of having some fish identification skills, You Gotta Know!  Yes, I believe that even beginning anglers have a responsibility to know what they are catching.

At that time, I mentioned that we had a fish identification aid in the works.  Now we have it!

Fish Key

Fish Key cover

Again, I would recommend EVERY angler spend some time looking at that publication and brushing up on their fish identification skills.  However, keep a couple of things in mind:  First, no, this tool does not include every species of fish anglers can catch in Nebraska.  It is basic, and meant for beginning anglers; start simple, then advance from there.

Along those lines, let me suggest a few additional resources. . . .

If you are fishing the Missouri River, lower Platte or lower Elkhorn, you need to be familiar with sturgeon.  Lake and pallid sturgeon are protected species.  If captured, they must be released immediately.  Anglers need to know what kind of sturgeon they might catch.  This webpage from Missouri Department of Conservation, is very good, Sturgeon Identification.


Another one that can be very important:


No, I do not expect everyone to be an ichthyologist.  I do expect that if you have any interest in fish and fishing, you will be interested in learning some fish identification skills.  If you really get into it, then you gotta have this:


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