Fish Flop Friday

May 17, 2024 daryl bauer

Proper fish handling is a topic I blog about frequently.  With the significance of catch & release in all fishing now, handling fish so they have the maximum chance of survival is imperative.

The thing is, fish are slimy.  They can also be very lively and strong when being handled.  All of that can result in some awkward moments when no matter our good intentions, the fish end up doing something else.

That can create some instances when you just gotta smile.  Especially if you are grappling with a big ole carp:

If you have not experienced a fish flop of some kind, well, you just have not handled many fish.  In fact, you probably even have a few photos of mishaps.

Handle ’em as best you can.  Hope you get a chance to do some practicing this weekend!


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