Family in the Field, Fall 2023

November 29, 2023 daryl bauer

Starting this blog post with a disclaimer.  This particular post ain’t going to be about fishing.  If that bothers you, quit reading now.  However, I realize most of you also enjoy our great outdoors in many ways including hunting.  Yes, I love to hunt too, but admittedly end up spending more time on the water, even in the fall.

What I really want to do with this blog post is continue with a theme that I mentioned before Thanksgiving.  A theme that is important to many of us, especially this time of year, family.  Spent a lot of time with family the past few days, and I want to brag about their successes!  Many of them have been spending time in the field this fall instead of on the water.  I wish I had time to be there with all of them, but at least I can exult in their successes!

Most of these will be from Nebraska’s great outdoors, but I may stray a bit farther west where I also have family hanging out.

My daughter and son-in-law both filled pronghorn tags this fall.  They both got bucks, on the same day, from the say field!  One in the morning and the other that evening.



The rest of the fall those two have been chasing birds.  Tyson took a sharptail and prairie chicken on the same hunt, half of his Upland Slam!


My son-in-law is a waterfowl hunting machine.  They started early during teal season:


Oh, by the way, that is Sveta next to my daughter.

They transitioned to a more mixed bag here recently:


Drake pintails have been particularly prized:


Oh, and that is Marishka.

This drake widgeon was a purdy one too (and I love the photo):


By the way, all of those birds were taken on public land!

Some of them got made into duck pot pie!


Back on the big game side of things.  Had a nephew persevere and take a very nice mule deer this past rifle season:


Now again, more disclaimer, but if I am going to brag about family, I also am going to brag about the successes of those a little farther north and west of Nebraska.

Speaking of mule deer, my brother-in-law got a nice one!


He also found a little wapiti someplace:


Teamed up with his brother and another of my nephews to climb high and punch a goat tag!


The way I hear it, my nephew has been having one of those seasons!  Look at this whitetail!!!!


Looks like maybe I should get a little more serious about the hunting!

Never fear, that nephew was back on the water over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Now you know what we are talking about when we get together.  Well, that is if we are not out in the field or on the water doing it!

So much fish, so much game, and so little time!

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