Fall Surveys

November 4, 2020 daryl bauer

My friend Steve Moseley recently “road along” with one of our field crews doing some of our annual fall, fisheries sampling.  Steve is a writer for the York News-Times and he wrote a great story about his experience.  For those of you interested in Nebraska fish and fishing, interested in the work done by pointy-headed fish biologists, you will enjoy Steve’s article.  Follow the link, take some time, read it!  Oh yeah, there are some pictures too!

Game and Parks Shares Current Information with Anglers

A gill net runs between those two floats.

It looks like Steve picked a good day, a nice, warm, sunny day.  That was great, but work goes on regardless of weather.  You have to pull the nets.  Ask any fisheries biologist with a few years of experience and they will tell you about working in some miserable conditions.  You all know what our fall weather has been like in Nebraska this year.

By now, early November, our field biologists will have finished most of our field work for the year.  Soon, I will receive data summaries and will start putting together next year’s Fishing Forecast.

A lot of work goes into sampling fish populations around the state every year.  This graphic would be very representative:

Graphic provided by Keith Hurley, thanks Keith!

If you are interested in more of the science in Fisheries Science, check out this NEBRASKAland article:  Survey Says_march 2011 Nebland .


And yes, many days we smell like fish when we get home from work!

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