Droning On

April 7, 2017 daryl bauer

For the fun of it, I have shared a video or two here on my blog with drones being used to catch fish.  Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. . . .

If you want, here is some more information and publicity on the product, Engadget:  The PowerRay underwater drone finds fish and films them in 4K.

I believe the product was supposed to be available February 2017, maybe you can get one now?  Here’s the website, PowerRay Underwater Drone.

I am not some kind of purist, believe me, I completely understand and appreciate how all kinds of technology have made it easier to find and catch fish.  I am a user of much of that technology.  However, I do believe there is a fine line between goofing around with new toys and actually using them to find and catch more fish.  My money is not necessarily on the person with the most, latest and greatest technology, but on the person who has the knowledge to know how to properly use them.

And you know what?  The real key is the knowledge!

That comes from spending time on the water!





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