March 17, 2017 daryl bauer

You can go back to notebooks I had in high school and find a variety of fish-related doodles scattered over the pages.  The more boring the class, the more doodles.



Any former professors or teachers that might be reading this blog post:  Of course none of those doodles were from any of your classes, I was never bored in your classes.


I have never grown up.  I still do the same thing when I am stuck in boring meetings.

As you can see, I had way too many meetings this week:

Didn't get to go fishing today due to the weather. Seen a picture of some guy with a fishing tattoo on his finger decided to draw one of my own lol..

Posted by Kenny Vongchanh on Monday, March 13, 2017

Seriously, I found that video making the rounds on FaceBook.  Someone is a much better artist than I ever dreamed of being.

Planning to apply a little therapy to my wandering mind problem this weekend. . . .


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