August 26, 2022 daryl bauer

I will flat out guarantee, when I get tired of all the “stuff”, the best thing to do is GO FISH.  I can tell you for a fact my blood pressure is lower when I am on the water.  However, I also realize there are times when you cannot “get away from it all” immediately.  When that is the case, you might as well dial-it up on your computer.  Take a break for mental well-being, pull up a video and check out for a while.  This one is good for letting some stress go; the videography is great:

By the way, if you watch that video closely, you will learn a lot about trout, their feeding behavior, how they feed.  They ain’t bass, they ain’t walleyes, they ain’t muskies, they ain’t bluegills.  They are made a little bit different and it is reflected in how they behave and feed.  Watch closely and you will pick up some interesting clues.  Yes, those will make you a better angler.

Also let me suggest the Jensen Fly Fishing “stuff” is very good.  As you can see their quality is second to none, and they really know what they are doing.  Watch and learn!


Now, if that has you mellowed-out a little too much, you can watch this one and get fired up:

Do not know which one you need this weekend, but I hope it is a good one for you.  Hope you get to get on the water!


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