Cornhusker Fly Fishers

October 17, 2018 daryl bauer

I will always tell you that if you like to fish, if you want to improve as an angler, join a fishing club!  I can think of no better way to learn, plus it is a whole lot of fun to hang out with a bunch of folks who have the same interests, and our local fishing organizations are a huge asset in supporting our fisheries and our sport!

I know this is short notice, but I will be at the Cornhusker Fly Fishers meeting tonight.  They will be meeting at our Outdoor Education Center, just off Superior Street in north Lincoln.  Doors will open at 6:30, meeting starts at 7:00.  If you can stop by, do it!  You will meet some great folks, learn something and have a great time in the process.


Oh yeah, I am going to talk about our Nebraska Trout Slam.

See you there!


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