Collared mule deer part of research project

November 9, 2018 Jerry Kane

LINCOLN, Neb. – The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission reminds hunters of an ongoing mule deer research project in collaboration with University of Nebraska-Lincoln. There are 61 collared and ear-tagged mule deer does and fawns in the Frenchman and Republican management units of south-central and southwestern Nebraska.

The study aims to assess survivability and habitat use of mule deer does and fawns.

Hunters should understand that it is legal to harvest a collared deer and that hunter harvest is a factor that researchers hope to understand, along with other sources of mortality. “Hunters are encouraged to treat a collared deer as they would any other animal they would encounter in the field,” said Will Inselman, a Game and Parks wildlife assistant administrator.

Game and Parks will use this data to help guide future mule deer management in southwestern Nebraska. This study also will provide crucial population information that will enhance Game and Parks’ ability to make harvest recommendations based on up-to-date, scientific data.

The nine-day firearm deer season opens Nov. 10. Purchase permits at

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