Christiansen perfect in winning two titles at Cornhusker Trapshoot

May 4, 2018 Jerry Kane

DONIPHAN, Neb. – Max Christiansen of Norris had a perfect day Friday. He broke all 235 targets he shot at and won two championships at the 49th Cornhusker Trapshoot.

He won the 16-yard individual title and the high school team crown in the senior high competition. Christiansen hit all 75 targets at 16 yards, then broke 150 straight targets in a shoot-off to eliminate Casey Petersen of Platte Valley 4-H, who took second place.

The Norris 1 team of Christiansen, Nathan Stertz, Bryce McGill, Sean Kile and Alex Hunter broke 366 of 375 targets, then 49 of 50 in a shoot-off over Papillion-La Vista South 1 to win the team trophy. Christiansen made all 10 shots in the shoot-off.

McKenna Schwisow of 5 Clovers 4-H was perfect on 75 shots to win the ladies individual title. The Cougar 4-H team of Mitchell Hoffman, Nicholas Horihan, Luke Niedzwicki, Craig Labs and Everest Singh hit 365 of 375 targets for the 4-H team championship. Lincoln Southwest Pink broke 342 of 375 targets to win the ladies team title with Jolene Dawson, Deanna Meyers, Hannah Dering, Kieresten Dickey and Karlie Muff.

Saturday’s scores in the 75 handicap targets will be combined with Friday’s scores to determine the overall champion, the Cornhusker Cup winner.

On Thursday, 850 shooters competed in the junior high division; 1,683 shooters competed in the senior high division Friday.

Friday’s results in the 16-yard competition are:

Top 20 Individuals – 1. Max Christiansen, Norris, 75 of 75 (won shoot-off); 2. Casey Petersen, Platte Valley 4-H, 75; 3. Mitch Germany, Papillion-La Vista, 75; 4. Gavin Rech, Oak Creek 4-H, 75; 5. Sam Bristol, Lincoln Southwest, 75; 6. Weston Zolck, Blair, 75; 7. Jacob Maschmann, Fairbury, 75; 8. Tanner Nunn, Fillmore County 4-H, 75; 9. Jacob Bajc, Lincoln North Star, 75; 10. Henry Medlock, Omaha Skutt, 75; 11. Austin Sullivan, Arlington, 74; 12. Everest Singh, Cougar 4-H, 74; 13. Jackson Panzer, Elkhorn Mount Michael, 74; 14. Oliver Williamson, Papillion-La Vista South, 74; 15. Hank McVeigh, Elmwood-Murdock 4-H, 74; 16. Carson Tatron, Fillmore County 4-H, 74; 17. Larry Colson III, Ashland 4-H, 74; 18. Garrett Neumeister, Weeping Water, 74; 19. Caden Boesiger, Lincoln Southwest, 74; 20. Kyle Gregory, Fairbury, 74

Top Six Ladies – 1. McKenna Schwisow, 5 Clovers 4-H, 75; 2. Karlie Hubbard, Lincoln Southwest, 74; 3. Chloe Hallett, Lincoln North Star, 74; 4. Lillie Bowman, Norris, 73; 5. Carly Witt, Sidney 4-H, 73; 6. Anna Denman, Crusader 4-H, 73

Top Three 4-H Teams – 1. Cougar 4-H (Mitchell Hoffman, Nicholas Horihan, Luke Niedzwicki, Craig Labs, Everest Singh), 365 of 375; 2. Ashland 4-H 1, 362; 3. Karp & Krow 4-H X 360

Top Three Ladies Teams – 1. Lincoln Southwest Pink (Jolene Dawson, Deanna Meyers, Hannah Dering, Kieresten Dickey, Karlie Muff), 342 of 375; 2. Wahoo Bishop Neumann, 341; 3. Norris, 338

Top Six High School Teams – 1. Norris 1 (Nathan Stertz, Bryce McGill, Sean Kile, Max Christiansen, Alex Hunter), 366 of 375 (won shoot-off); 2. Papillion-La Vista South 1, 366; 3. Lincoln North Star Maroon, 365; 4. Fairbury 1, 361; 5. Lincoln Northeast 1, 360; 6. North Platte Blue, 358

Jim Carlisle Memorial Second Generation Individual (traveling trophy) – John DeFord, Lincoln Northeast

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