June 17, 2016 daryl bauer

Last weekend I warned you about the “leech-nado“.  Got another public service announcement this weekend:  Beware the Carp-nado!

Carp-O-Rama at Branched Oak Reservoir is tomorrow!  If everything goes well, this is what it will look like when we get done pre-baiting or “chumming” the area!

OK, seriously, I would not like to fall into the water there.  I suspect a death by carp-sucking would not be a pleasant way to go, well, it would be embarrassing at the least.

Obviously, that is a special circumstance where Common Carp were concentrated right below the spillway of a dam and I guess the locals thought it would be fun to throw bread to them.  I know of many barriers on Nebraska waterways that can likewise concentrate Carp, if you have some day-old bread you would like to feed to them.

I do not know if we will have a surface feeding frenzy of bread-sucking Carp at Branched Oak tomorrow.  Typically, the best fishing occurs early before all the activity makes the fish more wary, but I know we will have fun, even in the heat.  We always do.  Come have some fun with us!  Oh, and bring some peanut butter, besides the bread those Carp love peanut butter!

Catching Carp is serious business!

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