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November 16, 2020 daryl bauer

I know some of my blog topics are of interest to a relatively small audience.  I also know that if you are one of those in that small audience it can be very important to you.  Consequently, I believe it is important to spread the word about some of these “little things”, because, well, I know often the word does not get spread.

In this case, I am referring to the road leading to Burchard Reservoir in southeast Nebraska.  Burchard is perennially a very good fishery for largemouth bass, panfish, and some big channel cats.  It also will spit up the incidental walleye now and then.  The watershed above Burchard is almost entirely native grass and as a result that fishery has had good water quality and good fishing for a long, long time.  I have said we could use fifty Burchard Reservoirs scattered throughout the state.

However, if you have taken a trip to this favorite fishing spot, you know the road leading to the area is well, a little rough.  When asked when it will be repaired?  I have had no answers.

Until now. . . .

Found a reference in the Pawnee Republic about road work being done this fall, Burchard Lake Road Under Repair.

I cannot post a copy of that article here, but I will quote part of it:

The Burchard Lake road is under repair, but it is Pawnee County doing the work.

After years of extensive research, by County Superintendent of Roads Chris Rauner and others, the Game and Parks has produced the original agreement for the Burchard lake road.

In this agreement it states that after the original construction the County was liable for the maintenance of the road. Therefore, the County is doing some patching on some of the worst spots. We are using cold mix asphalt and trying to do the best we can to remedy the holes and breakouts. Hopefully this will extend the life of the road to where we can reach an agreement with the NDOT and The Game and Parks, for more permanent fix to the road, he said.

I do not know the current status of the project, although I know progress has been made this fall.

Remember, boat access to Burchard is closed every fall, after October 14.  At that time, the road is closed beyond the dam, but anglers can can still walk in to fish.  Burchard serves an important role as a waterfowl refuge in the fall.

Getting there should be much smoother in the coming years!

Eric Fowler photo. NEBRASKAland Magazine

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