Boat Safe

March 19, 2018 daryl bauer

I got a reminder from our Boating Law Administrator that this week is the National Association of State Boating Law Administrator’s Spring Aboard Campaign to remind folks to complete a boating safety course!


Yes, somewhere in my wallet is a boater safety card. . . .


If you check the 2018 Boating Guide, right up front, you will find the requirements for operating a motorboat in Nebraska and the boater safety requirements:


Many of you will be required to take a boater safety course.  Even if you are not required, it is a great idea for everyone, do it!

As I recall, when I took the course, there was only one option–a 6-hour course with a proctored exam.  Now, there are more options making it a lot more convenient to complete.  Check ’em out, Boater Education.

This is also the time of year I like to remind everyone, especially “macho” fishermen, to wear your life jackets!  I know folks are anxious to put the boat on the water and dry off some fish.  I also know that the water is very cold right now, and if you fall in, you can be in a lot more trouble than you might think.

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