Blue Lake closed for eclipse

August 15, 2017 justin haag

ALLIANCE, Neb. – As the solar eclipse nears the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has closed access to Blue Lake, a public fishing site on private property 22 miles north of Oshkosh in Garden County.

Commission officials are taking the action with concerns that inexperienced drivers may encounter difficulties navigating the two-track trail leading to the Sandhills lake. The lake will reopen Wednesday, Aug. 23.

Because the trail and lake are on private property, the Commission takes special measures to prevent damage to the area. A lease agreement with a landowner allows for public use of the 2.7-mile trail to the lake near Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge and Crescent Lake Wildlife Management Area. The area is in the center of the eclipse’s path of totality and is expected to be popular among visitors.

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