Been Around Some More

February 16, 2022 daryl bauer

I have continued to be “out of the office” with some frequency the past few weeks.  Have continued to get around the state and dry off a few while I was at it.  Time for a report. . . .

How far have I been?  Well, far enough to see some sights!


Caught some fish while I was out there!


Thanks for sharing your fishing spot with us, Robby!

Then I met up with my kids for a few days together on the ice.  We had a blast, and dried off a bunch of fish in the process.  First day was a sunfish safari:  It was slow for a bit, took some hole-drilling until we zeroed-in on ’em.  Then we sat on buckets and just caught fish!




We did not catch any really big bluegills, but we had some over 9 inches.  This one was probably the biggest, for sure we had good light for taking pictures!


Sure, I caught fish too.  Over the years drying off some bass has become less of a surprise and more of an expectation.


Next day we decided to mix it up.  Knew we would not have as much action, but maybe some different and bigger fish.  It was slow, especially midday, but a few of these came out to play:



My cousin showed up and fished with us too.  He managed a nice crappie:


One more afternoon and evening on the ice for some more ‘gills and bass.  We caught fish, nothing exceptional, but sure purdy!


Nothing exceptionally big to report this time, but some very typical Nebraska ice-fishing.  It was great to travel around our great state and catch fish wherever I went.  Great to have spent time on the ice with such great fishing partners.  No matter how much, it is never enough!

I know you are thinking this is my last ice report for this winter.  Currently, there ain’t much ice to fish anywhere in Nebraska.  I am not recommending anyone spend anytime on the ice right now.  However, I know of a spot or two, have heard about another one or two. . . . You never know. . . .

No fish were harmed in the making of this blog post.  All were released.  We are going to catch them again.

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